Sing a Song Loves Music

When Jewellery meets Music...

Born out of Rock and Funky influences, the brand SING A SONG reflects a know-how filled with creativity and passion.

The adventure began with a single electric guitar string, finely crafted by the artist to the beat of music. This musical inspiration and creative energy eventually gave birth to original, sleek and refined pieces of jewellery.

This jewellery line reflects the soulful and exhilarating world of music and seduces us with its unique melody.

“Let love Rule”

This new concept is the creation of a young French designer, Ingrid Allouche.

Daughter of a jeweler and a passionate music lover, she brings to life her two passions with Sing à Song.

She draws her inspiration, both in her life and in her collections, in the work of Lenny Kravitz, and nourishes her creativity with his groovy melodies.

Mission accomplished for this talented designer in love with her craft, who knew how to spark the interest with a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.

Let it rock your life

These sober and rock’n’roll bracelets are crafted by hand using genuine guitar strings. Building on her success, Ingrid extended her collections that now feature models in solid silver, pink vermeil and black silver, with or without patterns, designed both for adults and children of all generations.